Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bang the drum.

Taiko Drum that is. I've signed up to learn how to play the traditional Japanese taiko drum. 太鼓. For the next month I go twice a week and then a group us will play during Bon Odori.

That can only mean one thing: ITS SUM, SUM, SUMMERTIME!!!

The rainy season is coming to an end and that means a lot of things here in Japan. First it means that it will be VERY hot for the next 2 and one half months.

Second it means the official beginning of the Fuji climbing season. Most people picture the mountain as snow capped, here's what it looks like when you climb it:

It also means that matsuri season is here, fireworks and festivals. If you are here in Japan, click here for the schedule for the Kanto area. (Sorry it is Japanese only...). Suffice it to say the fireworks here are not to be missed:

Golf, of course, is always on the menu:

This course is Gotemba which, at about 10,000 yen during the week, is actually sort of a bargain ( but not that much of one...).

Bon odori festivals:

And of course its a great opportunity to look at these:

Here's hoping everybody has a great summer!!!


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