Friday, June 17, 2005

Well it started as a good day......

The S.O. really can drive me nuts sometimes. Like in how she can go from totally desirable to really annoying in 6 seconds flat. It would be nice if she would come down on one side or the other. That would make the decision easier.

Now any good aviator would be screaming at me now, " If there is doubt, then there is no doubt!" . Doublespeak you say? Not really, just a clever way to say that if you do not think you can get aboard safely, WAVE IT OFF AND TAKE IT AROUND FOR ANOTHER PASS!

Which is probably what I should do here. Depart the pattern and head for another, safer airport. However, I am a hacker, I'm confused, and I care, so I'll subject myself to this for a good while longer I suspect.

Details details you ask. S.O. and I had to go to a social function today. I had to go into work first, check e-mail, get some letters and e-mails cranked out. Had agreed to meet her, and we would go in together. When I met her...WOW!!!! She looked NICE. She was wearing a beautiful yellow dress, a little sexy in that it was short, but it was more like it was just made for her. I think the women out there will know what I mean. Bottom line was she looked good. Made up my mind I was going to treat her nice tonight and give her some of that good loving that I know I need and I am fervently hoping she does.

Went to the function, went to the reception afterward. Talked to a lot of people, but I kept looking at my watch, as today was one of those perpetually busy days when I had more places I needed to be, than I had time to be at them. So I tell her its time to go, got to get back to work. "Besides, don't you have a doctors appointment this afternoon?" ( She did). Face kind of wrinkles in frustration , but quietly she goes. Drop her off at the apartment, get back into work.

Meetings, then a farewell lunch for a secretary I'm really going to miss. ( Not that way, she's married and a devout Catholic). She is a great lady and she and her husband are leaving Japan.

Get home from work, discover "the monthly friend" has arrived to the S.O. DAMN! I know what that means. Plus its put her in a cranky mood, and all she can care about is did I wash my hands after I came into the house. ( That seems to be a Japanese tradition, which I have yet to understand.) Offer to cook her dinner she is not hungry. 90 minutes goes by, she still does know what she wants. Go out? She doesn't know. Fuck it then, I'm going out to the movie. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is here. Want to come along? NO.

Get home, she's on the TV watching NHK, possibly more boring than Volgoran(sp?) poetry. (GO SEE THE MOVIE!). " Wash your hands" Chanto.....(Japanese word that needs to be explained sometime, but not here). GRRR!

Tell me again why I am enjoying her company? Sigh........

Looks like I need a few of these:

And I definitely need one of these:

I feel like Marvin the Robot........



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