Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday beer and babes ( and bombs!)

Someone is at it again in London. WTF is with these guys? This is like shooting a boar, all it does is just make him mad. These are Brits and they are just going to hunker down and fight back. Haven't the terrorist morons figured that out yet? GRRR!

TO: Al Qaeda
FROM: London
RE: Bombings
Ever heard of a guy named Churchill? We've been bombed before...worse than a better man than you...and guess what, you filthy losers? We're still here. Good luck in Hell.

Lost Nomad turned me on to some really funny stuff from the Party Pooper who is stuck in Seoul because of the Asiana Airlines strike. Suffice it to say he's pissed. However he is channeling his anger into his blog and he produced this little gem. Its funny. An excerpt:

I want to date a man who doesn't suck up to his boss and leaves the office when he finishes his work for the day. However, I would like to marry a man who silently does his job even if he doesn't get along with his boss or dislikes it because he is responsible and serious about his career.
[ 'Serious about his career', by the way, means 'serious about keeping me in shopping sprees and designer shoes'. But anyway, she'll probably end up marrying a guy who hates his boss and job with a passion and will turn to drinking and taking out his frustration on her and the children. Viva la tradicion!]

Meanwhile for the fifth year in succession, Takeru “The Tsunami” Kobayashi has won the world hot-dog eating championship in New York.

Braver soul than I,but he was disappointed he only ate 49! Me, two and a beer is fine for me.

Tokyo Times has a post about really bad use of manga. I'm not so sure a comic book is the way to tell this story:

Its about the Diary of Anne Frank told by Atom. The caption on the front says in Japanese: "Anne wrote messages in a diary, I wonder what they are?"(アンネが日記に書きしるしたメッセージは何だったのかな?)。 Somehow I don't think this is the right way to tell this particular story.

On a more positive note women who show up at an expensive amusement park wearing mini-skirts will get a 50% discount on admission. Hat Tip to Japundit. Something tells me if that was tried in America, all of the wrong type of people would show up in mini-skirts ( Can you say beached whale syndrome?).

Where is my discount?

Got to go! The S.O. and I are going out to a fancy gourmet dinner tonight. I'm wearing a really nice suit she picked out for me. She just came out and looks AWESOME! Can't keep concentration......must need one of these:

I am sure I need some of this:

See I do post more than Asian Women sometimes! Ja ne!



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