Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Beer and Babes.......

Another week come and gone. However its Friday, its sunny and I get to play golf tomorrow. Also get to go to a cookout tonight. Can walk to it, which means I can drink beer to my heart's content. Its the little things that make me happy.

I took a stoll over to the Red Light district here in Bloggerville. My oh my! There are a lot of really strange people out there.........

A quick round up from other neighborhoods in Bloggerville:

Lost Nomad has an interesting post about malnutrition in the North Korean Army. Let see, hungry guys with guns, in a country with nuclear weapons that can reach Tokyo. Yea, I'm sleeping well tonight...NOT!

I'd also like to thank Jenifer for providing me a liberty guide for my next trip to S. Korea:

She also reminds us about the poster child for national Anger Management Month:

Gardner in Korea has some more posts about the refugees from North Korea trapped into a bizarre world in China. For these people there are no good choices......

But here in Japan, on a better note the women's synchronized swimming team won second place in Montreal. It was big news on the TV.

Also when you go over to Bitchbert's site, have your speakers on. She has songs by Michael Wong which are really nice.......

Got to run now. Have a great weekend. Of course, too many of these:

Leads to none of these:

Have a great weekend!


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