Saturday, July 02, 2005

Getting your priorities straight.

I was going to start off on one of my tirades, but I've thought better of it. For now.

However, soon, I will get back to my ranting and I'll even be kind enough to warn my intended victim: Donald Rumsfeld, stand by for a (blogged) beating!

However today, I just can't do it. Went with a colleague up to Tama Hills golf course. For those of us who live where I do, it is a rare treat. For one thing, thanks to the fact that it is (mis)managed by the Air Force, tee times are hard to get. For another it's at least 1 hour to get there and that is if there is no traffic through Machida(町田市). That is something that rarely happens. Thus, it usually takes 1+45 to get there with lots of stop and go in between. The course, however, is worth the effort to get there:

Tama is an interesting course. Hilly, and it has lots of big trees. Thus it puts a real premium on getting your tee shot straight. (Which is not good for me!) After playing today, I have decided to bring the S.O. up there, she could do well here. For her the course is only 5251 yards (6103 for the men!) and since she ALWAYS hits the ball in the fairway, she would do ok. I hate the fact that she can do that consistently. If there is a down side, it is that the greens are rounded and sloped, thus one's chip shot better stop where it lands, or there is a significant risk of rolling it off the green into one of the many bunkers on the course:

Since my driver shots are the one part of game that is still not under control, it made things interesting to say the least. Slice? Hook? who the F**K knows? I had just about gotten to the point I could play my rather pronounced slice as a fade, but for some reason now it has vanished. To be replaced by a snap hook. Arrghhh!

As for my score, the less said the better. Front nine was OK, considering I had not played this course in a great while, a nice comfortable 47....the back? Well suffice it to say two snowmen kept me from my goal. IMHO, the out of bounds rule is the worst rule in golf. GRRRR!!

However the point is, it was nice day off, full of beer, conversation , jokes and even 3 pars! One has to savor that. For bad news from Donald Rumsfeld and DOD, there's always time for that. But today was, and is not, the time.

Update!: I am such a chump. The S.O. got back from work today and said she gets off early tomorrow(that was not supposed to happen!) and "would I like to play golf with her?" Had big plans to go into Tokyo, including stopping off at my favorite Irish pub. However, since I leave for a long business trip on Thursday, I'm feeling guilty about not being with her this weekend. Idiot!

However, I'd really like to spend the time with her......I don't know why, but I will. Someday I'm going to figure this out. Till then.......I'm a chump! Tune in tomorrow though, we are going to go straight up match play (she still gets to play from the ladies tees(?!)), mano y womano. She thinks she can kick my butt. It is my manly duty to prove her wrong. That's the straw that made me stay. It worries me how well she understands me and can bend me to her will.......




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