Thursday, July 07, 2005

Greetings from the Lion City!

Just got in to Singers........No matter how tired I am, my heart picks up when I get into the taxi and ride past the apartment buildings and into the city. This is my favorite place on the planet.

Singair was just as nice as ever proving again that customer service does matter......

Watching CNN about the attacks in London. Amazing. I did not know it had happened until the taxi driver said something. Got watch some more and get the news. Unbelievable coming on the heels of the good news about the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics, wonder if Hillary is somewhere crying in her (Tiger) Beer.......
(UPDATE: I think I saw her in the Crazy Horse bar!!!! Why am I not suprised?).
Personally I'm glad London won, even more so now. They will show these useless bastards!

More tomorrow.



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