Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Take me drunk, I'm home!

I was going to post something useful and pithy about the "mainstream media", but I can't tonight. The S.O. and I went to a garden party at Yasuda-san's (安田ーさん) house. Its a great big house by Japanese standards that is located on a hill so that when the weather is clear (like it was today after the typhoon came through here last night), you can see Mt Fuji very clearly. Mr Yasuda is very involved in local politics here and is the head of the Friendship Association. (米海軍海上自衛隊協会。). It was a good party. Problem was, about mid way through, he brought out the good sake (rice wine):

Trust me, this is the good stuff, priced at over $100 per 1.8l bottle. Kubota sake is made using only the "crystal" part of the rice. This is the interior 40% of the rice kernel and has a translucent crystalline appearance. Its the "single malt" of sake. SMOOTH.........!


Suffice it to say he brought out more than a few bottles of the stuff. Goes down well, then after a little while, the little man comes up and hits you on the head and says, "you're drunk!"

So if I had a few more brain cells working now I would render forth on why I think the term Main Stream media is total and complete BS. However in view of my rapidly deteriorating vision, it will have to wait for another day........ ( and well you might thank me for that!).

Did I mention there was also beer there:

Tomorrow, as Scarlett said is yet another day. However till then, you can chalk this up as reason 457, why I love living in Japan!

Ja ne,



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