Saturday, July 02, 2005

This sounds depressingly like my life with the ex!

BEIJING, July 1 -- "Sex just once a week is totally unbearable" . Don't I know that! Read here for details.

On the Conduct and Procedure of the
Intimate and Personal Relationships
of the Marriage State for the
Greater Spiritual Sanctity of this
Blessed Sacrament and the Glory of God
Ruth Smythers beloved wife of
The Reverend L.D. Smythers
Pastor of the Arcadian Methodist
Church of the Eastern Regional Conference
Published in the year of our Lord 1894
Spiritual Guidance Press
New York City

To the sensitive young woman who has had the benefits of proper upbringing, the wedding day is, ironically, both the happiest and most terrifying day of her life. On the positive side, there is the wedding itself, in which the bride is the central attraction in a beautiful and inspiring ceremony, symbolizing her triumph in securing a male to provide for all her needs for the rest of her life. On the negative side, there is the wedding night, during which the bride must pay the piper, so to speak, by facing for the first time the terrible experience of sex.

At this point, dear reader, let me concede one shocking truth. Some young women actually anticipate the wedding night ordeal with curiosity and pleasure! Beware such an attitude! A selfish and sensual husband can easily take advantage of such a bride. One cardinal rule of marriage should never be forgotten: GIVE LITTLE, GIVE SELDOM, AND ABOVE ALL, GIVE GRUDGINGLY.

This woman must gave been related to my ex!


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