Monday, August 29, 2005

Ahh the good old days........

Tonight, Casablanca was on TV. As I have noted before, I love that movie, as it symbolizes a time when Hollywood made movies : a) with a plot and b) actually had some quality acting in them.

Also its not a PC movie. I was thinking about that the other day as I watched a History Channel documentary about the Tiger tank. In it, as part of the background music at one point, they had the Panzer marching song:

Ob's sturmt oder schneit, ( Whether it's storming or shining)
Ob die Sonne uns lacht,(or the sun is laughing at us,)
Der Tag gluhend heiss (and the day glows hot,)
Oder eiskalt die Nacht.(or the night is ice-cold;)

Bestaubt sind die Gesichter, (If our faces are covered with dust,)
Doch froh ist unser Sinn, (Our spirits are happy,)
Ist unser Sinn; (as are our thoughts)
Es braust unser Panzer (Our Panzer forges ahead)
Im Sturmwind dahin. (through stormy wind.)

That made me remember my high school German teacher, who taught us that song in second year German. He used it as a way to focus on proper pronunciation and to help with word comprehension. Wonder if in today's world they would have fired him for using a Nazi marching song to teach kids German. Something tells me they would.

This PC nonsense is out of control. When Northern Command says one cannot use names like Brave or Warrior there is something rotten in Denmark. When the current CNO says in writing that the Navy needs to recruit more women and to make it a priority recruit women, I know I'm glad I've moved on. Whatever happended to equality of opportunity and then letting the chips fall where they may?

This is not progress.



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