Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Beer and Babes

TGIF!!!! Today is a beautiful, albeit, hot day. I should be out playing golf, but instead I'm in going over budget sheets........Deciding which pots of money we can spend out of and which we can't. They should just write a check out to me and I'll spend it well, I promise.

Plus, they gave me a new computer a couple of days ago That meant the whole day before I had to move all of my porn work files to a disk, tunnel into explorer and wipe out all history of the blogs I surf at work, and otherwise, prepare my old machine to look like virginal bride before her wedding. Although just like the bride before her wedding night, we all know she played around before, but hey, whatever makes the denier provider of information services happy!

As if I did not have enough to worry about, The Marmot's Hole reminds me of yet one more reason I should not sleep well at night:

When China and Russia launch their first joint military exercise tomorrow, their neighbor's will be wondering why long-range strategic bombers and amphibious landing craft are being deployed in what is supposed to be an anti-terrorism drill.

The two countries are calling it Peace Mission 2005, but it looks more like a rehearsal for full-scale war. The 10,000 Russian and Chinese soldiers will be practicing a variety of standard combat techniques: long-range bombing runs, cruise-missile attacks, a naval assault on a coastal beachhead and a parachute landing by paratroopers.

Yea, it looks like I should spend the weekend with a few of these:

And I sure would like curl up with a new one of these:

Sadly, I'll probably end up stuck with one of these:




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