Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jishin ga arimasu!!!!!

I was in my office about an hour ago when the chair started shaking. No I was not falling asleep, pleasuring myself, or any other such thing. The floor was just moving, gently but it was moving. The walls of the building were shaking and there was a low groan as the building was moving in response to the ground moving beneath it. The hanging lights were swaying, the coffee in the cups shaking.

Jishin! (地震 earthquake).

Turns out there was a large earthquake up in Sendai. 7.0 on the scale. Read all about it here.
Usually I don't feel an earthquake until the building comes crashing down around me. To feel this level of tremor from over 200 miles away........oh boy!

Better yet watch the video!!!

So I guess this means we can't leave early?


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