Thursday, August 18, 2005

Koizumi election a blog round up!

The next Japanese election is on September 11 th. How wierd is that? I miss the days when 9/11/xx was just another day in the week. Bin Laden and his ilk should be hung by their gonads for that travesty alone.......they screwed up the good life over here in Asia.

Right now the polls are in his favor:
Newspaper polls in Japan have given Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi a significant boost, contrary to forecasts that his surprise decision to call a snap election could spell a premature end to his leadership.

Surveys in two Japanese papers showed a climb in support for the 63-year-old premier and conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader. In more good news for him, Tokyo's benchmark Nikkei share average was poised Thursday for its highest finish in four years, an achievement attributed to renewed confidence in the Japanese economy.

So it would seem that, at first glance, the Japanese public really is fond of Koizumi dai jin's (小泉大臣)display of "cajones". However, in Japanese politics things are never what they seem. Consider these things:

1) USFJ has imposed a gag order regarding comment about future basing options for fear of upsetting the current government.

2) All the US personnel in Japan are on pins and needles regarding a liberty incident that might make the papers. Then stand by, all bets are off.

The DPJ ( Democratic party of Japan) Minshutou (民主党), thinks they might be able to do the impossible, win. I'm not so sure. Polls as of this week showed:

Polls in the Asahi Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun dailies show support for Koizumi and his government had risen from 41 to 46 percent, and from 37 to 46 percent respectively.

A poll in a third paper, Yomiuri Shimbun, found 52 percent of respondents understood why Koizumi
had called an early election

That's hardly what I would call a comforting majority. Nonetheless he is the best Prime Minister Japan has seen in years and I hope he wins......

More to follow.


Stopover to Bitchbert's site and wish her well. She's got a lot on her plate right now.

Meanwhile over at Winds of Change is a great article that reinforces for me, why I hate Arabs and why most of their experiments with democracy are doomed to failure........

And really, I don't care so long as they sell the US and Asia oil.......

Also, for those of you are curious about things I did in my past life, you should cruise on over to Lex's site and read his "Rhythms" series. Its what carrier aviation is really like.

Spike is up in Shanghai, studying Mandarin and going sexless. Considering the amount of poontang that is around him and studying with him, he's better man than I, at the least I would have already been to a barber shop for a shave, a hair cut, and a blowjob!

Meanwhile over at Mango Sauce, they point out something I probably knew but never bothered about, for obvious reasons of quality comparison:

Thailand is probably the easiest place on Earth to score with farang women if you can be bothered. I had a couple of mates over from England this week and, despite being middle-aged and ordinary, we had to beat off pretty young farang girls with a shitty stick.

While dining at Anna's one evening, we noticed a couple of farang babes sitting in stony silence on the next table. Their outrageous slutwear and miserable expressions made them look
like snotty Russian hookers so we didn't give them a second glance, but when Anna Kournikova's better-looking sister tottered off to the toilet her semi-naked brunette mate turned round to say hello. They were actually from England.

Like most Western girls holidaying in Bangkok, they were all dressed up with nowhere to go and had given up trying to put a brave face on it. We were being sounded out as their unlikely saviours.

Madame Chiang posts about a problem I am familiar with, drinking and blogging. To be honest, I could not tell from the previous post............

Of course, back in la la land, the same strident buffoonry continues......

Makes me wonder if the The Economist was right when they wrote:

Mr Jennings's success at ABC was set against the decline not just of network news (the average age of ABC's audience is now 60) but also of the journalism he enjoyed. Impartiality has given way to the stridency of Fox News and the internet bloggers. Meanwhile, foreign coverage is dwindling: last year, NBC's evening news show devoted just five minutes to the genocide in Darfur, CBS a mere three and ABC, thanks in part to Mr Jennings, 18. By contrast, they together devoted 130 minutes to the plight of Martha Stewart.

From their obituary for Peter Jennings. Can't say as I disagree with them.

Are you listening, Michelle Maglagalang?



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