Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Now for something we know you will really like!

That's what Rocky Squirrel used to say on the BullWinkle Show......when they wanted to cut to a commercial:

I stayed home today, trying to kick this persistent hangover cold that has been pestering me for a few days now. With 2 typhoons bearing down on Tokyo, it seemed the prudent thing to do. Accordingly, its given me the ability to rest on the couch by myself and overdose on Star Trek Deep Space Nine, CNN and Cartoon Network. In between, I checked out internet porn blogs a little bit.

I've come to the firm conclusion that I like Expat blogs a hell of lot more than I like US based blogs. Expat blogs lack the stridency of the stateside ones, but they have a hell of lot more humor and sense of what is really important. In no particular order you should check out Expat at Large, Madame Chiang, Hustler Diaries ( especially his ongoing series about unexpected sex!).

Some other observations in no particular order:

If I lived in the Star Trek universe, I suspect I would rapidly become a holosuite junkie. Does having sex with a hologram count as cheating? Or is sex with a holographic girl even possible? Maybe that is why you never see a pornographic Holodeck story........

Under the line of: I really used to be familiar with this subject, there is more bad news on the American economic front. Reinforces the old joke about why a bride smiles when she walks down the aisle............ :

Here is a math question. Does this:

Equal this?

It would seem so judging by Pat's latest FATWA pronouncement calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Way to go Pat! Nothing like bringing us down the same level as the terrorists. Who do you think you are, Michelle Malkin? Or maybe like this guy?
Can you imagine the uproar if one of the folks they don't like had said "Could Pat Robertson be right about Chavez?" Not one word of condemnation on her blog though.

Watched Lou Dobbs during one of my conscious intervals. They had some hackneyed minister trying to explain that Pat's remarks should be looked at as those of a political pundit and not as a minister of the cloth:

HAGGARD: Number one, the First Amendment is wonderful. People have free speech privileges. He wasn't writing a memo to the White House recommending a public policy decision. He was not recommending something to the State Department. He was not exposing himself sexually on
the platform the way Janet Jackson did. Instead, he was having a political discussion, where they were randomly working with some ideas. For Jesse Jackson to exaggerate it this way is just as appalling as what Pat Robertson said, I think.

JACKSON: Well, you know, last week, Mr. Rumsfeld was all down through Latin America suggesting that Chavez was a pariah and a destabilizing force. It's like he was saying, let's get rid of this guy, Pat Robertson said, therefore let us assassinate him. That's the kind of tag team of sorts, and it
must be addressed and it cannot be taken lightly.

HAGGARD: Well, and that's exactly what we're doing. We're addressing it, we're not taking it lightly.
Nobody is taking it seriously as a policy issue. So the system is working.
Everything is fine. Nobody's going to assassinate this man. But we do realize he is a major problem. DOBBS: Well, let me ask you both something, and let's -- the politics, and it's a little different here, Pat Robertson is obviously a prominent Christen conservative, also a prominent member of the president's base, his electoral base. But if we can, let's set that aside just for a minute. And Reverend Haggard, you first introduced this idea of a dichotomy, so let's follow the bifurcation a bit.

HAGGARD: All right.

DOBBS: Let's talk about the man as a minister of God, and all that I could think of, frankly, Reverend, when I heard the comments today was, I wait and -- I have criticized Muslim
leaders in this country for not being stronger in their outrage against the fatwas, whether they be against Salman Rushdie or whether they be against the United States. And there has been what Iconsider an unacceptable, unconscionable lack of outrage on the part of the broader Muslim community against the radical Islamists. Do you not think we run the same risk of having a prominent Christian leader, who is not strongly condemned for those remarks? It's his right to say whatever he wants, but isn't it the responsibility of the Christian leadership, the evangelical leadership in particular, to condemn these remarks in the harshest terms?

End of that story. Methinks Rev Haggard is polishing the unpolishable......

Thank God for Johnny Bravo. A man's man misunderstood by every woman he meets. Kind of like me:

How do you like my hair baby?

Johnny even taught me a new line to use next month when I go to Hong Kong .

10 Top Johnny Bravo Pick-up Lines :

Hey, wanna see me comb my hair really fast?

Hey baby, I can tell we both love the same things; Me!

Oh Momma, I'm so sweet that I've got a mouth full of cavities.

Well baby, what's it like looking at the man of your dreams?

Can you guess how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Bravopop
or Johnnypop .. whatever you prefer?

Hey baby, if this shoe fits then I must be your cinderfella!

Man, it must be great being you watching me!

I'm a dancer, a romancer, you're a capricorn, I'm a cancer!

You smell kinda pretty, wanna smell me?

If loving me is wrong,you don't wanna be right!

Yea, whatever!


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