Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tired and cranky

Nothing pithy to write today, I am afraid. I'm just too tired to get anything useful out. It was a good day though, a nice day just a lot of fun.

The S.O. and I quickly kissed and made up since both of us wanted to play golf today. Can't let a silly argument get in the way of something really important! Like Iraq however, the insurgency and all the elements needed for a civil war are still out there, but neither of us has the energy to fight it.

Ended the day watching our local city's fireworks. 42 minutes of fireworks to be precise. Not the wimpy 10 minutes you'd get from an American display, but some great fireworks. Since the S.O. and I went to this same display back when we first met and were fresh in love, it brings back good memories. In fact, she's in the other room sleeping with the "glow" on. I'm "glowing" too, but I can't sleep just yet. Too much nervous energy.

Under the guise of questions I'd like to know:

Who is paying Cindy Sheehan's bills? I don't know about you but I have to go to work and make money to pay my bills. I could not take a month off just camp out in Crawford and if I could, you can bet your ass it would be in Pattaya Beach or some other place with friendlier natives. George Will wrote a great piece pointing out that Cindy all of her cohorts need to be educated on the concept of shelf life. Now she's going to do a bus tour....? I'm all for anything that puts burr in George Bush's saddle, but this is ridiculous.

Plus, if I were here soon to be ex-husband, I'd have folks looking at every penny making its way into her back accounts. Lucky guy, he's probably going to get out scott-free, with no payments, no child support, and a great story to tell women about why he needs to get some loving.......Does point up one thing though. Follow the money trail and you will find out what this nonsense is all about.

Did you know that there is actually news going on outside of Crawford and outside of America? Judging by reading summaries of American news you would not think so. In Hong Kong there is a big murder trial of an Expat wife accused of murdering her husband. This should be big news. It makes the Scott Peterson case look simple. Sex, homosexuality, scandal, computer piracy and porn.....all the goodies. Outside of the Hong Kong blogs and newspapers though, no one has given it one ounce of news print. Go over to Simon's World and read about it yourself. Its a lot more interesting than Cindy Sheehan.

Lex has discovered the site meter's world map function at about the same time I did. I think its so cool to go look at it and see where visitors to this site come from. Its kind of a game I play, trying guess who is looking at these scribblings and wondering about them and their life. What's it like and what do they do? some of the locations I can figure out based on things that other bloggers say, kind of like following bread crumbs. Its cool, but I wish there were more dots there. Look here to see for yourself.

Starting to get sleepy now.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that their are people who are upset because the Iraqi's are coming up with a constitution that is at odds with what the President of the United States wants? Whatever happened to the all the rhetoric about the Iraqi's being free to decide their own destiny. George Bush calling the Shite leaders is going to backfire on him I think. Especially if things do go south, one side or the other is going to blame American interference in the shaping process. Leave them alone. Come to think of it that would be good advice for the rest of the mess too.....

Now I know I need to go to bed. Something better tomorrow, I promise.



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