Friday, September 23, 2005

By request----Friday Beer and Babes......with an extra babe!

Its been an incredibly busy week. Our big bosses are coming out next week and so everyone is in a dither. Have been crunching transportation numbers and AMC (Another Mission Cancelled) expenditure/ on time rates till the cows come home. Three conclusions are inescapable:

1) If AMC were a business, they would be bankrupt.

2) The system of having the various services "pay" for AMC's services is totally hosed up.

3) Figures lie and liars figure. AMC people do both.

"We're sorry, we had to bump your critical cargo for routine USAF items......"

Thank God for DHL.........

On other fronts, Bubblehead took me to task for not having enough pictures of good looking Japanese girls in my posts. So just for our special submarine reporter, here is a snap from Techbabes Asia and the recent Tokyo game show:

" If you ask nice, she might do windows!"

Maybe she could help me get engines delivered on time...........

On other fronts, I'm infamous. The USFSPA Lawsuit website has posted a link that links to blogs that post about the USFSPA and how unfair it is. 5 of those links are to your's truly. I think I'll write up another post on the USFSPA for the folks here in bloggerville.

The vermin cat is slowly but surely being house broken. It will be interesting to see if the S.O. remembers to get some one to feed her when we go away next month........

Arrgh, I need one of these:

Followed by some time with one of these:

"I'm gung-ho about being with Skippy...."


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