Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday Beer and babes

Another week, another typhoon. That's right, Typhoon Nabi is bearing down on Okinawa and is disrupting our carefully planned effort to get stuff moved to the Philippines and Utapao. It's also putting a crimp in my plans to play some golf before going up to the Tohoku region for a change of scenery. Plus, like Katrina, this storm is a strong one:

If you have good eyesight you can read in the right hand table that winds are projected to be over 150 miles per hour. And it is bearing down on Kadena. Ergo most of my day was spent figuring out how to get people and cargo in and out of Kadena before the USAF pogues closed the field and began locking the hangar doors......

And if it should, as has happened before, turn Northeast.........Oh boy!

In other news, Stars and Stripes ran the following front page:

Its not the top headline I want you to read, its the bottom one!

This article is about married couples serving together in Iraq and unable to have sex. Call me old fashioned, but why in the F**K is this an issue?!?! Can anyone tell me why the Army is assigning married couples to the same unit?! I thought there were prohibitions against that in law, and service regulation?! WTF? It would seem to me the Army would be able to work around this by assigning couples to different units on different rotations.......That used to be the way it worked in the Navy. Or have all the services been watching too much Star Trek lately? Maybe in the Federation, it works ok, but in the real world, its full of unneeded complications...........

Sounds like its time to head for the refigerator:

Oh well, only a week to go and I'll be in Hong Kong, walking up through Lan Kwai Fong looking for these:

Have to wait to see how the hunting goes!

Wanted to post some good news today! For bad news, well, there is always time.



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