Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday beer and a dose of media hypocrisy..

Today was an interesting day. We had a post mortem about the big bosses visit. Those are always fun.....(not!). The Chief of Staff was nervous since he was going to have to answer questions from our boss that arose from a conversation that he had with the big boss, that none of us were privy to. Oh well, let them pontificate I say, then deal with the problems at hand...........

Also, under the categories of big bosses. I watched a CNN interview with General Myers, the outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff. It was slanted and adversarial to say the least and in my opinion totally unfair to General Myers. Now mind you, I'm no supporter of the war in Iraq, quite the contrary. However, in my opinion its wrong to pillory the man whose job it is to obey the President of the United States. Furthermore there is an unwritten rule that on the day of one's retirement, one should honor the retiree, and any criticism of the Navy or any one else should only come from the retiree. ( That's how it worked for me on that day, and I did make criticisms of the current world...). Its unfair though and frankly disrespectful of the hard work General Myers put in , over 40 years of his life, just because the last four years had not gone as the media would have liked. Should they not be taking that up with the President? Silly me, I forgot that political leaders should not be held accountable for political decisions........Too bad most Americans believe other wise....................

I actually like General Myers. The two times I have heard him speak, his remarks have been very down to earth and direct. I truly believe he is a loyal soldier, probably to a fault. I think he knows he is stuck with the results of the Iraq war to date, does not necessarily like them, but is bound by the code of honor officers can and should learn (and do if they have a military college or academy background; despite what the critics may say.....). He supported his boss to the end. Sadly he will probably take the Tommy Franks route in publishing his memoirs, and in so doing will deny the rest of us insight into what Rummy is really doing to our military leadership. This, despite ample proof otherwise. That, is a virtue also, in the end.

I like to think, that he might have done things differently, had it been his choice to make. However, like the Vorta ( "The Vorta serve the Founders, in all things." ) and Jem Hadar in Star Trek, his life was not his to give........

Since we (and he) are stuck with this result, there is only one thing to do:

Drink these!

And then, go chase these:

Problem is: you can never find them!



P.S. Bonus points if you can answer the following question: Do you think the girl on the right is a "natural blonde"?


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