Thursday, September 29, 2005

"I was used....." . Yea, I would say so!

Lynndie England has been sentenced to 3 years in jail. She says she was used by her boyfriend, Charles Graner:

Two former guards, testifying for the prosecution yesterday, both said England was naive and devoted to her soldier boyfriend, Charles Graner. They said Graner's strong personality trumped military rank to make him the de-facto leader of the prison section where the abuse occurred. Graner was convicted last winter and is serving a ten-year sentence but testified yesterday on England's behalf.

He described England as generally compliant and trusting and said she had no reason to believe he would do anything "illegal or inappropriate"

I would say that's a fairly accurate statement;used and abused and put away wet.......

Lets see:

She had his baby.
She was having sex with him before she got pregnant.
She did whatever he asked vis a vis the prisoners

She got 3 years, Graner got 10. So there is some justice in that; he is proving the old adage about there never being such a thing as a free ride! You always have to pay for it, either up front or later on.

Still, even though this chapter is closed, there are questions remaining:

(1) What happens to her baby? Wonder how much emotional scarring he will have when, in 10 years, folks find out about how his Mom and Dad met?

(2) There is still the question of supervisory error? Just today an Army Captain was on TV alledging that the abuse was a part of a systemic problem......

(3) BG Karpinski got a book deal. Think Lynndie might get one too? TV Mini-series?

(4) Its interesting how the media just glosses over the baggage issue. Namely soldiers dating soldiers.......Even if they were the same paygrade, some type of senior subordinate intimidation thing developed.......Know its not going to change but..........

The only good thing is that she is young, so she has, God willing, a lot of time to cut new a life for herself and her child.

" 'Wars and lechery', rails the frail Thursytes! 'A burning devil to take them!' "


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