Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Watching political fantasy.

One of the neat things about living overseas, is that TV shows show up late and out of sync with the normal TV season, on AFN. In a world where our military leadership is able to micro manage military operations from the Pentagon via satellite communications, I still cannot see an American TV show on time, on AFN. I can on other networks though. Thank God for Japanese cable TV......


I've made it evident before that I love the show West Wing. Not really sure why. I'm not a Democrat, never could be one. I don't support feminism and I could care less about what gays want or think. I don't think abortion is right, but I don't think it should be illegal either. I used to think myself a Republican, then along came George W Bush, Tom Delay, Pat Robertson, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Jesse Helms and the rest of the crowd who hijacked the Republican party from its roots and its moderate Constituency. They replaced it with a culture of sycophancy, that also , sadly, spread to my employer. I'm no Johnny come lately Bush hater either, I've disliked the man since 1999 when it became very apparent to me and other individuals that he was every bit as political as the previous occupant of the oval office. He's , with some exceptions proven himself up to the description.

So why do I like the show, when I am so disgusted with politics in general? Because, I guess there are parts of it that represent what could be, if either party could run people who are worth a damn, and did not have to be crucified on the public altar for every little thing. In the fantasy world of West Wing, talent actually matters and so does telling the truth. That's why its just a TV show.

Consider tonight's episode: a convention that actually goes into extra innings ballots. How long ago has it been since that has happened? Such a convention would be a thing of beauty to watch, but I doubt that it would ever happen again in my lifetime. I sure wish it would.

Consider the results of this episode. Leo Magarity Vice President? Surely , Hannity and Bill O' Reilly would show restraint about his supposed alcoholism and his entrapment into the cult that is AA. Not a chance, his candidacy would have been subject to a late term abortion. He would never have been allowed to stay as Chief of Staff, such is the hypocrisy of our times.

A President with MS, who was censured by Congress being able to govern with authority? No way, the right and the left wing would have had a field day with it and the pressure to resign and or be impeached would have been too intense. Especially one who ordered a political assassination . ( You have to be familiar with series and I've been watching for a few years.) Politicians who refrain from smearing their opponents? No chance , paddles, can't happen.

Of course, any student of history knows, it was never ever this way, but there was a time when one's work life and private life were two separate things. If they were not, JFK would not have lasted till the Cuban missile crisis.

Which, I think is really what the writers of the show are trying to recreate, is another JFK or FDR or TR. However those giants of history did not have to be President on television. Today's presidents do.

So perhaps its therapeutic to watch through the TV a fantasy world where perhaps I could be President. Then come the credits, and I realize that there are not enough political skycaps to get all of my baggage to the curb-------so I will have to cut my mark someplace else. Still, for an hour, its nice to dream.

So professor, "President Skippy" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?


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