Monday, September 12, 2005

Where were you the day the world changed?

Did not post yesterday as I had to go out for a remote site visit. Also it was September 11, a day that used to be just a normal day, but now will never be just another day ever again. I was in Japan when the attacks happened and had been out at Japanese class and then had been making my circuit through Tokyo when decided to go back early for some unknown reason. When I got back to my apartment the S.O. called me ( we where not living together then and I had no plans to either......) and told me the that "The World Trade Center" had been "attacked". I thought this was an odd choice of words, feeling she must have meant a plane had crashed or some fire or natural disaster had occurred. In point of fact she was right. I turned the TV on just as the second plane was hitting the other tower. Right after that the phone rang and it was the duty officer telling me I needed to get into work as all key and essential personnel were being recalled and the base was going into lockdown. Nobody knew yet whent he next attacks were going to occur and we had visions of bombs being chucked over the walls to the gates. Nothing happened and as the events unfolded the true extent of the tragedy became apparent.

However because of the fanatical bastards, my nice little world was forever changed and the focus of military effort changed forever. Sitting here today 4 years later, in Bahrain makes me wonder what might have been if this day had never happened.
Never forget!

Where were you the day the world changed? Fill in the comments and let us all know!


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