Thursday, November 10, 2005


That is a military abbreviation that means "Nothing of significance to report.."

Today is one of those kind of days. (Plus it is the day before a holiday weekend....)

So accordingly, I spent the day dealing with the USDAO in the Philippines, who have turned to stone about allowing our airlift aircraft in. Rumor has it part of our problem has to do with the fine piece of trailer trash Army SFC, who works our issues and her inability to be flexible. Everyone I have talked to says she is a B-I-T-C-H. Probably does not surprise me. After all, it must be hell to be a fat Caucasian woman in the PI........there is no way you can compete. Let's face it, any 33 year old Filipina with a nice ass beats a woman with a beer gut any day of the week.

The problem is, our supposed "allies" in the war on terror are making it more than hard to resupply aviation assets there. "Why not use FEDEX?" , you ask. Well because thanks to the incompotence of Philippine customs officals and the fact that the US government does not give us a line item for bribes, we have no way to pry the parts out of the customs people. It is so frustrating!

Madame Chiang has some great stuff about the bombings in Jordan. The whole thing is a tragedy, made even worse by the fact iot shows how really stupid the terrorists are pissing off an Arab nation. Like I said in an earlier post, just gives Arabs time, they will f**k up any good deal........57 people dead! Time for Jordan to start sweeping the streets with 50 caliber weapons........

In the meantime Gardner in Korea reports on something direct from "West Wing". In the live debate the other night I am told Alan Alda's character said, the following:

"How many jobs will you create?" [Dianne] Sawyer asked Vinick.

"None," he replied. "Entrepreneurs create jobs. Business creates jobs. The president's job is to get out of the way."

And in the true spirit of entrepreneuriership, the kind people at Penthouse have offered two down on their luck people a job:

TAMPA, Fla. - A Carolina Panthers cheerleader was charged Monday with giving police a false name when she and another cheerleader were arrested at a bar where witnesses told police the woman had sex in a restroom.

Penthouse magazine is making an offer to the former cheerleaders. The P.R. woman for the magazine confirmed it Monday night. The nationally known men’s magazine wants to cash in on what allegedly went on inside the bars bathroom stall. The former Panther cheerleaders are accused of having sex with each other and starting a fight. The Panthers organization isn't saying much, but their website is down. Millions of hits from fans are trying to learn more about the cheerleader scandal.

Whne life gives you lemons, make lemonade......too bad it does not work that way for guys.....

Came across some more tidbits about France and the ongoing riots:

Poverty leads to terrorism as the poverty is also the biggest polluter. But are there not French or Christians or White men poor in league with their poorest immigrant Muslim cousins? There are poor people also among the Asian immigrants. Does it mean all of them should take up the arms against the state? Or should it be the privilege of the ‘beurs’ to engage in vandalism? On the other hand, it has become a parrot-fashion for arm-chaired commentators to tell that the growing unemployment and wretched living conditions of the Muslim immigrant population are the reasons behind the ongoing violence in cities of France.

They conveniently forget that a sort of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and colour always exist in the job market not only in France but also everywhere in the world. It should not be encouraged by saner elements in the society. But the fact remains that it exists. Only the forces of globalisation have adversely affected the tightened grips of such forces. In this competitive world, employers prefer the best. The problem is not of unemployment. It is rather a problem of ‘unemployable’.

In other words, French Muslims, wake up and smell the coffee!!( Or Latte whatever the case may be........) Get off your ass and ASSIMILATE!!!!!!

Come to think of it, that would be good advice for Hispanics in LA...........

Ja ne.....


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