Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Odd and ends.......

There are times I almost miss the cold war.........

Now before you jump all over me about the evil empire, the brutal treatment of 300,000,000 human beings and the titanic waste of resources, used in bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war........I know all that. That is why I said almost. I know I'm not allowed to really miss it. ( Although the job security it provided was a wonderful thing.......)

I'm talking about things like the 600 ship Navy. The maritime strategy and port visits in real places like Wilhelmshaven, Portsmouth, Edinburgh.......that kind of thing.

Great moments in carrier aviation, like getting launched for real alerts to intercept IL-38 Mays bearing southward out of Tashkent. Running down Soviet Bear aircraft off Petropavlosk........

And having an opponent with a kick ass national anthem, was not so bad either.

Contrast that, to this.

I rest my case.............


H/T to Nichi Nichi for the link.


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