Sunday, November 20, 2005

A really good day..........

There is a lot to talk about in politics today, but quite simply I do not have the energy or the brain cells after 3 Warsteiners to attempt it.

Today was just a great day! The S.O. had been fussing about the money I spent to rent a car here, thinking we could just make do with walking and taxis and trains. However she wanted to see the Rhein and she thought their would be no cruises this time of year....( she was wrong ...again!). However she appreciated the car when we got out and got to Mainz to do some sightseeing / shopping. It was foggy and we were concerned it would no lift. But it did and it gave way to a perfectly glorious day. We pushed on from Mainz to Rudesheim where there are lots of wine shops and other things to buy. Since I had to drive.....(DAMNIT!) I had to suffice with a taste of some really good Ice Wine.

Back on the road we took route 42 which runs right along the river bank. The views we saw were beautiful! The leaves were in their full range of colors. Lots to see and took plenty of pictures. We drove all the way up to Koblenz stopping in a couple of paces along the way. Driving the Mercedes rent a car was pretty awesome too.........(B-180 Diesel, handles like a charm......).

If you ever get a chance to drive this route, take it!.........I hate driving but today was just great for some reason.

In Koblenz got to see the first of what I am sure are many Christmans markets. I was a bit suprised to see one, I thought they started later.

Important safety tip on the auto bahn I discovered. If you are not doing 130+ stay the hell out of the left lane!

Off to Rotenburg tomorrow...........

Still need to convince the S.O. not to try to bargain with European shopkeepers. Some looked really offended......You can take the girl out Japan, but you can't take the Japan out of the girl!


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