Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday beer and babes!

Ok. I've got my self to the state where I can move. Coffee is a wonderful thing! My brain is even capable of reading the Straits Times........Hopeful sign.

I need a few good nights down here as I come to grips with some personal issues. The S.O. has been great by the way, saying that I need to make any decision I need to and no be burdened by what she thinks. Problem is, no matter how hard I try to pretend otherwise, I do really care about what she thinks and I enjoy her company
( for the most part, there are times she drives me nuts!!!!!!!!).

Why is it that things change? I've worked hard to get myself to a state where I am happy and doing what I want....but for some reason it cannot last. Suspect this is going to be a long month while I think this through.

Till then:

Some of these-

And stay away from these!


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