Thursday, December 15, 2005

Here we go again!!!

Some quick, stuck in the airport blogging.

Got the airport in a hurry because I was running slightly late. Turns out I could have slept in, since United cancelled my flight and now I am waiting for a later one. The whole thing is made even more exciting, by the prospect of having to race for plane to Tokyo when I finally do get to SFO. If I miss the plane, well, congratulations, I'll be walking around downtown Burlingame methinks. Won' bother me so much except our office Christmas party is Friday. If I miss that, S.O. won't be happy since she likes those parties and looks pretty good when she puts the dog on.

Sitting in the lounge listening to someone doing a job interview. Since the prospect of having to change employers could loom on my horizon in the coming year ( restructuring could make my little good deal go away here..........) I've been trying to discretely not stare and take some mental notes. The interviewer sounded like a headhunter. He seemed very sure of himself. Makes me wonder about how well I can really fit into corporate America. I need to win the lottery and write my Hemingway style novel.

I'm tired. Still could not sleep so well last night. Laid on the bed and woke up and fell back asleep at various intervals.............Travel seems to affect me more these days, but oh how I love it so........

One finally cup of coffee then gird up for the airport dash!

Ja ne...........


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