Saturday, December 10, 2005

Interesting day

Good day yesterday, but I really did not do a lot. Started out shopping on Orchard road. Was on track and doing well, but then I came to the Borders books at Wheelock place. That was it, the shopping train went off the tracks at that point. Spent just about an hour and came out S$100 dollars poorer. Ah but oh the things they have to see!

Bought some presents for the S.O.

Looked at DVD's.

Stumbled upon this month's edition of the Atlantic Monthly. Read this issue if you get the chance. They have a pretty good article by James Fallows about why Iraq still does not have an Army and how long it will be to get one. Bottom line up front: we will be stuck there for years, if we mean what we say. A great quote from the article:

"US trainers have made a heroic effort", Ahmed Hashim, an expert at the Naval War Colleg, explains. " But the Iraqi Security Forces are almost like a black hole. You put a lot in and little comes back out".

Great, that's a positive outlook. However the article is pretty good in my opinion. The magazine also has some articles about religion including one called, " Is God an accident?" by Paul Bloom.

As you can probably guess I soon ended up at The Scotsman, a little bar I like here, drinking Tiger Beer and reading.

Oh well, at least it is time away...........

I also read Rumsfeld's speech about how the war is being misreported. Lets just say , I think he missed the point. I for one think the media is actually doing a good job of staying on point. Namely what does this conflict do to benefit the United States. Not Iraq, but the US. Those are two different things.

Some other observations:

Am I the only person who appreciates the irony of the fact that the Thai embassy is next to Orchard Towers?

And Chijmes still rocks!

Got to run and pick up some more stuff.

Oh yes, I also had a first last night. I snored so loud I woke myself up. Hmmm.......


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