Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Isn't that what concubines are for....?

Another reason to hate the modern era..............

In the good old days if there was no male heir to the throne, one would simply recruit a couple of these to service his majesty:

Through which, one could preserve the imperial line from that which the standard course of events had failed to provide.......

Now we are left with meager legislation and no pruient interest....:
The Japanese government will submit a bill to allow women to assume the imperial throne in the parliamentary session starting in January, a top official said Thursday.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said a 15-member team had been established to work on the legislation, which he said would mirror a recent report by a special panel on the issue.

"We are making preparations to hand in the bill," he told reporters.

The panel last week recommended revising Japanese law to give an emperor's first-born child of either sex the right to head the world's oldest hereditary monarchy.

The revision, if approved, is expected to make Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako's only child Aiko — who celebrated her 4th birthday Thursday — second in line to the throne, behind her father.
Where is the fun in that! Prince Tomohito hit the nail on the head when he said:

"Using concubines, like we used to, is also an option," he said. "I'm all for it, but this might be a little difficult considering the social climate in and outside the country."

I'm sure there are no shortage of groupies volunteers who would do their patriotic duty........


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