Friday, December 30, 2005


Today I went with the S.O. to into downtown Tokyo. We went to meet a friend of hers from her days working for a big bad American corporation. Her friend still works for said corporation as a project manager and engineer. He is , depending on your point of view, an American's worst nightmare or best hope for the future, Born and raised in India, educated in both India and America, and holding down great responsibilities for a global corporation. He's also a really good guy.

So tonight we went to his favorite Indian restaurant ( I know nothing about Indian food) and let him do the ordering. Wise choice for he ordered an excellent dinner of Nan and various curries and meats. Quite tasty if I do say so myself.

Then it was off to Millenario. Millenario is a 4 block arch of lights that they have put up every year I've been here. The S.O. and I had one of our early dates there walking through with the herd. In what has to be yet another bad omen, this will be the last year they do the light display here in Tokyo, due to construction scheduled to begin in Otemachi next year.

Here is what it looks like:

Taken at the end of the walk.......

When we got to Tokyo station they were announcing it was going to be a 2 hour wait to get to the beginning, there were that many people to see it. We said nuts to that and decided to walk around the surrounding area and see what we could see. As luck would have it, a hole in the traffic barriers had been opened to bring in an ambulance so we were able to fold in behind that and move on in as if we had been there all along. Timing is everything they say.

Walked through, oohing and ahhing at the proper points and I also took great pleasure watching all the cell phone cameras at work:

Remember when a phone was just a phone?

After that we adjourned to one my little British pubs for a beer and some more conversation. All in all a good evening. Tomorrow is new years eve, look here for my prognostications............


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