Friday, December 09, 2005

Ow! Ow! Ow!

Great. Got to Singers last night and got to my hotel about 1 am. A prudent man would have gone straight to bed. I of course am any thing but prudent so you can guess where I went........

Expat at Large has some good advice though. " Hookers are expensive and there are only so many visits to Orchard Towers that your dignity can stand....". Keep repeating this to yourself while you are walking around today Skippy............

Speaking of Expat at Large, for some reason I cannot get his blog to come up. Wonder if it is on the "persona non grata list" in Singapore......Hope not. However all I get so far is a blue back ground......

Despite my hangover feeling this am, got up early hoping to get a jump on things. Its raining hard however! What's up with that? So I am sitting here in an internet cafe, trying to dry out.

Hope is stops soon. I am also watching the News from the Chicago plane crash. I think I now know why people hate Anderson Cooper..........!

More to follow.


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