Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Something else to worry about

Oh great, this is what I don't need. Big brother finding out what I Google search.

Suspect I will jump to the top of the hit parade when they look for the guys who have searched "women+big+breasts"......

On Thursday, The Mercury News reported that the Justice Department has subpoenaed search-engine records in its defense of the Child Online Protection Act, or COPA. Google, whose corporate credo famously includes the admonishment "Don't Be Evil," is fighting the request for a week's worth of search engine queries. Other search engines have already complied. The government isn't asking for search engine users' identifying data -- at least not yet. But for those worried about what companies or federal investigators might do with such records in the future, here's a primer on how search logs work, and how to avoid being writ large within them
Over at Wired they have an pretty interesting article on how to defeat the snoopers and other ways to preserve one's privacy while not limiting the ability to surf where you want. Its good stuff.


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