Friday, January 27, 2006

Things that just drive me nuts!

The world is just plain crazy sometimes............

The Phibian has been reporting on the latest Soap Opera inside the US Military: "As the Severn Flows". For those unfamiliar this is the case where a simple case of shooting ones mouth off in the wrong place leads to a full fledge court martial. This is being done simply to appease the whims of a c**t who thinks that the good LT under investigation was not "sincere" enough in his apology. So an incident that could have been handled quite quickly and simply with one of these:

Will instead be dealt with by one of these:

Moving on.

The 50th anniversary of the Naval Aviation safety magazine Approach has come and gone. Among their list of notable safety achievements is every, and I do mean EVERY, milestone by women in Naval Aviation. Even when they did nothing to promote safety; in fact in a couple of cases it did just the opposite.

That's a rant for another time......... I was there and watched the lunacy.

Does prove one of the dirty little secrets of Navy public relations magazines though. They have been promoting a feminist agenda for years and years. Some day when I have the courage I'll give you all my thoughts on that subject. Till then just go back and review this

And then there is American politics these days. John Kerry has announced he will lead a filibuster of Judge Alito. Exactly what does he hope to accomplish? This will simply seal the deal for the judge in the end, and make Bush look like the good guy......Who gives these morons advice? You want to influence Bush? Win some elections! And to do that you will have to get rid of the two "F's": Fags and Feminists.......till then consign yourself to being steamrolled. Chalk this up as another vain liberal gesture that hurts the Democratic party. At a time when the US needs a serious opposition, but has yet to find one..........


Give one of these:

Then lets go looking for these:

Nice sweater eh ?


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