Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The check is in the mail.......

My campaign contribution check that is. A first for me, I've never, ever, contributed to a political campaign before. But I jumped for joy today when I saw this:

Too bad I'm not a Virginia resident...(I'm a resident of "No State Income Tax USA").

Just got back from putting my campaign contribution in the mail.

From his web site:

We are living in a time of divisiveness and frequent confusion in this country. I, like many others, have become deeply troubled by the tone of debate in our political circles, and by the lack of true substance in the debates themselves. I would like to change that.

During the coming months I intend to focus on four major themes.

Refocusing America's foreign and defense policies in a way that truly protects our national interests and seeks harmony where they are not threatened.

Repairing the country's basic infrastructure, which has eroded badly over the past decade, and developing more creative ways to assist disaster-stricken areas such as those in New Orleans and along the Gulf coast.

Reinstituting notions of true fairness in American society, including issues of race, class, and economic advantage; and

Restoring the Constitutional role of the Congress as an equal partner, reining in the unbridled power of the Presidency.

I look forward to exploring each of these issues in depth between now and November. If you share my concerns and my priorities, please help us out.

I'm on board!


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