Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ground hog day!

Well its ground hog day over here at least. Back in the states its still a few hours before Phil gets dragged out of his warm hole and we learn if there is going to be six more years weeks of war winter. I think its a safe bet there will, especially if the thermometer here in Korea is any indication.

Ground hog day is a good analogy for where I am in my life right now. Enjoying the same experience again and again, but really not advancing the way I probably should be. Interesting enough, I am bothered by that, but not overly much. Guess I should be.----Nahh!

Speaking of getting dragged out of a hole, or more correctly into one, I got thrown out of one of the classier establishments in Bloggerville last night, Lex's place. For "vitriol". I'm not even sure I know what "vitriol" even is, or what it tastes like. There has been a spirited discussion going on about the witchhunt court martial of a LT there for offending the sensibilities of certain people. Now this is a highly charged issue and I should have realized that it's impossible to change peoples minds on a subject that is imbued with political correctness. It was like arguing with my ex, she did not care what I said, no matter how passionately I tried to convert her to the inevitable rightness of my position. I should have known that; you would think I would learn.......but I suspect I never will.

So I'll comment over here, on my home turf and hope it finds its way back to the others.

I don't apologize for my comments Lex. Its words that need to be said, and just because others don't want to hear them does not lessen the validity of them. There is a political agenda at work here, whether folks realize this or not. This case is not about a LT who put his foot in his mouth, or said something he should not have. Its about control, of either standing up to the agenda or being dominated by it. The Academies and the other military colleges are in peril right now, because the very things that once made them great institutions are being slowly and surely torn down by those who have no idea what they are about. There is a double standard out there and its the guys who get pushed around 95% of the time. Sorry but that is just the way it is. Such are the times we live in.

The details of the case will matter little in the end. The LT is through in the Navy and thanks to the publicity, he'll probably have to move overseas or go on welfare as no one will want to hire him. The LCDR involved will be promoted and advanced and the powers that be will have their trophy to hang up for every one to see. And mind you this was after the incident involved had been resolved at the right level with an apology accepted.

My own prediction on the outcome is that Charles Gittins will make a circus of the trial. At this point I hope he does. He'll be able to discredit most of the witnesses as well as the convening authority, which is I think a part of his PR strategy. But in the end, acquittal or no, the Academy will be poorer as a result. And that's sad.

For RGT, FBL and the rest. I never dated female coworkers. Its not smart and never leads any where good I have found. Plus to be frank, its just too much of a bother to go through the motions. Maybe I am just too old to deal with the BS and besides the S.O. would probably take a dim view of it. I do admire pretty girls though, and yes, I do think impure thoughts about them, but I keep them to myself. Work is work, a necessary evil, and I don't like starving. Despite what you may think, I know where work is and where private life is and try not to get the two mixed up. I also know how to be professional at work.

Do I think men and women can just be friends? No. Sorry- maybe for you- not for me. Here is why. Just the way it is. Twas always thus and thus will ever be.

Do I have profound disgust at the political agenda of some folks? Yep. On both sides of the aisle. And there is an agenda out there, trust me.

The agenda is simple. Its not about just being good at your job anymore. Its about molding round pegs into square holes. Trying to remake the military into a middle class values, politically correct, touchy feely mindset. Lots of documentation of that here. And here and here.

I, however, will not go quietly into that great good night. Play the game sure, gotta do that. However I am never going to "drink the koolaid". In other words you can legislate compliance, but you can't legislate belief. Nor to be honest, should one try. That requires a conversion experience, conversion to feminism. I will stay a dinosaur, thank you very much. I am a lovable dinosaur though....kind of like Barney.

Gotta get back to work and its cold in here. I'll close with a quote that E @ L gave me a while back.

I'll be in bed early tonight, so when the thought police come, you'll know where to find me.

Suspect I'll get pummeled, but this is some aggression I needed to get out. Hitting a person wall is not in the cards, so I'll channel it here.

I now return you to the normal mayhem.


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