Monday, February 27, 2006

Quick post from heaven........

Just a short note to say how nice it is to be back here in Singapore again. I think I am finally warm for the first time in about 9 weeks. Did work this morning, bought the S.O. the camera I should have bought in December, (she's still pissed I arranged this side trip on my way out to hell Bahrain) . However it is good for me. I still can't shake this sense of foreboding I have had for about 2 weeks. Here it translates into "Wonder if I will be able to make back here again? ". Only time will tell on that score and at this point there is really nothing I can do about it either way.

Went to Dubliners and to Brix, pretty good crowd for a Sunday. Good Salsa band playing too. Lots of women in the bar. With Top Ten being closed I wonder if Brix has become "the upscale hangout". Only problem with Brix is that the beer is too expensive. Had a night cap at the little bar I like on Orchard and found my home in good time (and alone......).

Air con feels good, but I need to leave this little internet cafe ( Chills Cafe at Stamford place) and head back out into the heat. Which actually feels good.......

More later...ja ne.


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