Monday, February 13, 2006

Sharks in these waters........

Butt sharks that is. Very busy this week with meetings from the muckety mucks from our higher headquarters. Have been quietly enjoying the adventures in trouser snorkeling from the military folks who still want to get ahead. Its days like today that I really can enjoy my transition to that status of being just another employee to be used and abused. I used to have to be in that mosh pit, now by the Grace of God, I can just show up, brief, sit in the cheap seats and watch the oversized egos fight it out. All with out coming out and directly saying what they really think.

That was one aspect of the military life I did not and still do not like very much. How folks, that you knew despised each other, had to pretend like they really cared about something other than themselves. Or as an adjunct, had to watch people say things you knew they did not believe in ( "I believe we have acceptable risk here", "Yes sir, of course I support diversity", and "Yes sir, I know we can do this with fewer personnel..."). Excuse me while I go wash the bile out of my throat.

Now its the peace of being relegated to being a cranky old dinosaur that knows a lot about this business. And that a lot of these fellow butt-sharkers know from past experience. That's a good feeling to tell you the truth. Tomorrow, sad to say, its back into the water!

(sung to the tune of Mack the Knife.....authored by a young JO, long ago.........)

Oh that butt shark, gets his teeth in..
Gets that nose up, oh so tight...
Yes, he's a butt shark, he loves to brown nose..
He's a butt shark, loves to brown nose all the time......

And Muslims think they have something to be offended about!

Ja ne,


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