Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trivial pursuits

Nothing really serious tonight. Hell, the Super Bowl is tomorrow. Lest there be any doubt about who I will be rooting for:

I grew up in South Side Pittsburgh. Steeler football was like a religion and its been 26 years since they have been to the mountain top. Oh, and for the Muslims out there, if someone draws a funny cartoon about Jerome Bettis, I don't think they will setting the PPG Tower on fire. Take a note of that.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, Chap sent along a good offering for the half time show. After looking at the fat guy, you'll be wishing for a "wardrobe malfunction" on any one of the girls........... The girls are from the Hinoi Team and the fat guy is a wrestler named Korikki...Go figure. However Chap is right, I dig the girl in red! This by the way started out as a French song that got imported into Japan. Thus the Euro-trash feel to it.............

Expat at Large reminded of me of why I write. Commenting on the herd mentality he pointed out:

All E@L really remembers of any value from the night is the ease with which a few lunatics can turn a crowd into a self-destructive mob and how important it is to see the bigger situation and to RESIST when the way we are going is wrong…
So fragile our humanity, so tenuous our grasp on civility.
Our existence, it needs constant monitoring.
It needs people who push back:
- Against the unthinking crowd.
- Against the mindless masses.
- Against popularity, fashion.
- Against what is initially perceived as fun, as amusing.
- Against thinking that you can’t make a difference.
- Against not seeing that you do have a choice.
Going AGAINST the flow.… THIS is the role of gonzo bloggers, of artists.
Of E@L, scourge of the mindless, of the mob-brain infected, of the fraternity of infinite monkeys.

Some day when I grow up, I want write like that. A gonzo blogger ( and well paid for it too I might add.....)

There's one good thing about the Islamic lunacy. Its producing some good satire and some good conspiracy theories.

Richard has great observation of what it is like after being in Asia for a while to return to the states:

While I'm here, can I make one brief observation? You don't really realize just how obese so many Americans are until you come back from living in Asia, where obesity is far more rare. When you're back, you are simply blown away by the sheer number of fat people - and I don't mean pleasantly plump, but rather the type who can barely fit into a revolving door. I mean the kind of fat that hangs off the chair and kills the ants on the floor. I sympathize with the difficulties of weight loss and don't mean to make light of their plight. I'm just amazed at how prevalent obesity is here, and how different it is in Asia. (And I know it's getting worse in China, but it's still nowhere near the level here in America. No comparison.) Why has America become the Land of the Fat?

Did you notice the portions in the restaurants Richard? Can you say, " too BIG"?

The S.O. and I took turns making Chinese food this weekend. Working from my newly purchased Chinese cook book my entry was: Hot and Sour soup, Cashew Chicken, and Steamed pork Shumai. ( Already made and bought from the store, sadly). The soup turned out great, the chicken so-so and the Shumai was OK. Today, the S.O. easily trumped me with Miso soup ( yes I know its not Chinese!), Chili Shrimp, Rice, and Japanese pickles. Not quite a true Chinese meal, but I had to bow to a true professional. Her meal was better and she looked at a cookbook not once! I hate her. However, I did not let my pride stop me from eating seconds though.........

Anybody know what has happened to Milli? She left us with this charming little soccer football ditty and has not been seen since...........
(sing to the tune of Que Sera Sera)

When I was just a little boyI asked my mother,what shall I be
Shall I be Chelsea, shall I be Leeds?
Here's what she said to me
Wash your mouth out lad
And go get your father's gun
And go shoot the Chelsea scum, Shoot the Chelsea Scum
We hate Chelsea! We hate Chelsea! We hate Chelsea!

Guess you had to be there. Come back soon! We want to see more pictures!

I'm going to update and expand my link list soon and in about 2 months I plan to shift from blogspot to something else. Not sure what just yet. I want to expand and improve the site. Anybody know how to put an intro up front and link to the rest of the post someplace else?

Speaking of blogspot, I got to see what living in China was like while over in Korea. The USAF blocks so many things! All blogspot sites are blocked. So is any thing that might have half a suggestion in it. What truly suprised me was that the USAF blogged my Google searches (some of them). I had finally gotten so disgusted with not being able to go anywhere useful I tried an experimental Google search:

"How to defeat USAF Firewalls"

You can guess what came back:

That might actually be professional research you know. Even at the library, typing in Expat at Large triggered a Net Nanny alert. Funny, but Spike's did not. Must be a lesson in there somewhere.

See you tomorrow. After the Steelers win. Sorry Mark, just the way it is........... I'll think of you during the game though.

Blog birthday coming up. Got to figure out how to celebrate it........

Ja ne! Gambatte Steelers!


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