Monday, March 27, 2006

Catching up

Long day today getting from Hong Kong to San Diego. Actually was not too bad just LAX is a real nut house. There has to be a better way to get folks through airport security. After arriving in San Dog, went through the usual rental car stuff and came straight to the hotel. Have been sleeping on and off this afternoon, huddled up on the couch. I'm going to be a real good boy tonight as I have wokr tomorrow. Plus after 3 days in HKG I need to dry out!

Had a chance to meet Spike. He's a nice guy. I just could not hang though. Which was good cause it made it easier to get up this morning.

Watching Lou Dobbs ride his immigration pony again. I agree with him and am having a hard time getting to understand what this immigration flap is about. Can any one tell me why the Mayor of LA is speaking to crowds in Spanish when the language can and should be English. And why are they carrying Mexican flags?

More later, gotta go back to sleep.......


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