Friday, March 17, 2006

Kiss me I'm Irish...........

Or I'll be any other nationality if it will get me some action.............

Spring, slowly but surely, is coming. I can see it with our accounting ladies as they are now wearing shorter skirts, but still wearing their high boots. We have some real sweethearts that work in the accounting offices where I work. Among the "group of satyrs" (those who gather at the smoking area to compare notes on them), we have dubbed them them "_____'s Angels". ( All but one works for the same person, and it ain't me!)

I was sitting with a co-worker ( American, female, and frumpy) when the cutest of the bunch walked by during a farewell luncheon today. Trying not be obvious about it I followed her across the room with my eyes. Guess I was not so obvious because she called me on it.

"Do you always stare at women like that? "

Well yes, if they are good looking, I do. Last time I checked I was a read blooded American male with warm blood flowing through my veins. What am I supposed to do, look at you?

"Women want to be treated as more than objects you know..."

I'm well aware of that. Its not like I said anything to her, much as I would like to. There is a difference between thinking and doing you know...............Besides she looks nice don't you think?

"That's not the point."

Its exactly the point and she knows it. If by getting my attention she reinforces her own ego and self worth, then I'm happy to do my bit for her happiness. Consider that my charitable gift for the day.

" You are hopeless"

Yes I am. So what's your point? The day men stop looking at women is the day they are dead....and the Gap goes out of business. Its not like I asked her to sleep with me for God's sake.....(although that does sound like an excellent idea not that you mention it.... ) :->

She kind of looked something like this:

I rest my case!

Moving along. Happy Saint Patty's day to each and every one! Be sure to wear green!

Speaking of treating women as objects, anyone heard of the lawsuit being billed as Roe v Wade for men? Interesting logic to be sure. Seems a lot of work just to not have to wear a condom if you ask me. Then again anything that keeps me from paying alimony or child support is a welcome development........

Sigh! Guess I'll have to go drink some of these:

And go talk the Irish out of these:



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