Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Man O' Man..........!

More on immigration. I do not understand why the President is so hell bent on picking an immigration fight at this time. Why? Living in Japan, believe me I have experience with racism and xenophobia........... What this debate is about is not immigration, its about a lack of assimilation. Americans understand that the nation is a nation of immigrants, BUT.....Before, people assimilated into the population. Which, by the way, is an English speaking one..........

Now, what is different is that the Mexican immigrants and who knows who will come after them will require that they not have to assimilate into what is AND SHOULD BE , an English speaking, English tradition population.

That is the big difference between the previous generation of immigrants and the currents. The current groups of folks protesting the immigration bill are clearly racist, IMHO. The older generation of immigrants understood that to become truly a part of American society , one had to : a) Learn English b)acquire English customs and traditions. Now there are those who disagree with that....But they don't know their a**s from a hole in the ground.

Why do people assimilate into America? Because they CAN! I've lived in Japan for 6 years. Even if I lived here 26 years, I would NEVER be able to live here as an assimilated citizen. Even if I could speak Japanese fluently, and believe me I speak the language pretty well, if you are not Japanese you are not a part of this country. They will obivously look at you as an outsider.

Don't believe me? Go to a party with a mixed crowd of Asians and Westerners and find out how many of the Japanese denizens get truly upset when one asks them if they are Japanese. "日本人ですか。(Are you Japanese?). Most will get upset because the questioner does not know instinctively that they are from Japan. I've seen the S.O. asked if she was Filipina, or Chinese. You have to restrain her with a stick. It drives her nuts. She's JAPANESE don't you understand? That is far superior, in her mind to anyone who is not Japanese; that includes me. ( I guess I should count myself lucky as she has been willing to boink me!!)

Like I said I know racism. Anyone who has lived in Asia learns about it early. Its just the way it is. Fortunately, the women are still willing to make love to me, so I don't really care if they look down on me. After all, one gets used to the abuse. Besides, if she is taking care of me in "all respects" then I'll be OK.

However here is the real issue with immigration. The point is, that if new arrivals to America cannot fit into the society of the nation, it really hurts. If these folks who are so eager to wave the Mexican flag, would be more willing to wave the American flag and show the same un-relenting desire to become American, this would not be the big deal it is. Problem is, as is shown every time I go to an ATM machine in the US, no one forces these folks to assimilate into the culture. Yes, I know there are English reading ATM's in Japan, they just are not everywhere. Again I'll tell you the knowledge serves you well.

This debate in America is not about immigration. Its about assimilation......or lack thereof. The people out there who are complaining about the flawed immigration policy are on the money. I surer wish George, "I only cared about making rich people richer" cared about it.


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