Sunday, March 05, 2006

Note to self

Packing the DVD, Team America in your back pack when in an terrorist Arab country, is probably not a good idea. At least it peaked the interest of a big and burly Arab security guard when he saw the big square that is my DVD player on the X-ray machine. He asked to look through my back pack and gave the DVD a funny look. I resisted the urge to say "Derka Derka".

Today was low key day with work in the AM shopping in the PM ( plus a nap......). Bought the S.O. a necklace set which I hope she will like, but I think she is going to hate. Tried to describe it over the phone, she could not get it. With her its not the thought that counts. Only results matter, everything else walks.

The Bahrain Grand Prix is the week and the crowds are starting to come in. Some Brit was pretty angry with both me and Hertz when, in the company of a VIP type escort, he flashes his Hertz #1 card and expected to be immediately taken care of. He seemed really pissed when I reminded him that I was here first and I had a flight to catch..........He looked richer than me so he can deal with it.

Major weird thing number two was checking out of the hotel. Saw this TALL, WELL ENDOWED, girl in a set of tight jeans. Sitting next to me at check out/in was some racer looking dude. The girl looked out of place in the hotel, but she was pretty hot. Guess the NASCAR effect works for Formula one racing too. She looked like the duty escort girlfriend of the racer dude.

Off to catch the plane. Kind of wish I was going to be here for the race this week.......but not that much.:

Where are the groupies at?


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