Friday, March 10, 2006

Older and wiser?

Today is my birthday........I'm 29 plus a few years.......

Yesterday had planned to post something interesting about the Dubai port deal then woke up this morning and saw that DP ports had looked at the board and resigned. Why I did not post though was because I laid down with a book just to rest, after having gotten back from treadmill. Next thing I knew it was 11pm and S.O. was waking me up telling me to go to bed. Guess I really am getting older.

The resolution of the port deal is amazing to say the least. Am I the only one who finds it bizarre that: a) The President's own party hands him a rebuke on the matter; b) said President was digging his heels in threatening to use his veto pen, the one that has never left the desk drawer-not for the benefit of some Americans- rather to take care of a bunch of ARABS. How warped is that? For a devout Christian, the president's fondness for Arabs is indeed mystifying. Does not make sense to me. More to follow on that score..........there's a money trail somewhere.

In the mean time Dick Cheney is rattling the saber. Guess someone told him to leave the shotgun at home.

Went to the doctor who said I was in reasonably good health, but I needed to exercise more. Tell me something I don't know. Then in the next few day Kirby Puckett and Dana Reeve died. They were both younger than I am and Dana Reeve had never smoked. How unfair is that? Scary.

Guess you just never know do you? Reminds me not to take things for granted. In the last 6 months 2 acquaintances and 1 co- worker have all died and only in their 40's. The blatant unfairness of each case makes me angry inside. I also received a copy of my college's alumni magazine yesterday noting that we had now crossed the milestone of 10 graduates killed in the war in Iraq. Sad. This on the same day that Rummy is on TV telling me how the overall level of attacks are down and there is no civil war over there. Thanks, thanks for nothing you moron. It may not be a civil war yet, but it sure as hell is not a functioning useful country that deserves respect. More to follow on that in the next few days too.

Got the following in e-mail about the new Navy uniforms and the CNO's taste in clothing:

I think that CNO's stated intent to provide a more "professional" uniform is interesting. Especially once he explains how a uniform that has identified sailors for SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS needs to be replaced with a more "professional" one that mimics the latest Zimbabwean Air Force uniform dating back more than 5 years. This guy is a moron.
Let's ask all the stewards if they would like a new uniform ...Especially one that makes them look just like admirals ... and see what they say.
Oh, yeah ... let's make sure that Chiefs can carry swords ... that way they can duel with the JGs before inspections. This guy is a moron.
Does anyone really think that a back fukin pack creates a "professional" appearance and instills pride of belonging? Lots of "professionals" at all the elementary schools with their little bear back packs. Can umbrellas be stowed in the pack, or can they be worn in a special professional scabbard on the belt? This guy is a moron.
Sailors like the fact that they can identify an officer or chief at a great distance ... keeps them out of trouble. Trouble comes when you have to wait until the barstard is standing next to you before you recognize that this may not be the best time to roll the dice, or continue to comment on the latest fricken uniform regulation from a multi-color digital blue moron.

....This shocks me little.


Looks like I will need to cheer myself up with some of these:

And then make a layer birth day cake:

Start with one of these:

Then in the middle:


Then top the cake off with:

Blow out the candles, mix, serve...........


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