Saturday, March 25, 2006

So much for the peak!

Got up this AM and set out for Victoria Peak. Which is a waste of time because it was cloudy raining and windy.......and foggy. Plus the construction on the Peak tower means the Pacific Coffee where I loved to sit and read and sip java is not there.

So I bought some books, including the next Flashman (Royal Flash). I also bought this week's Economist. As luck would have it, when I came back down the peak it started raining there too. Said screw it, went and had lunch at Dan Ryans in Pacific Place and came back to the room for a nap.

Speaking of the Economist, they have a pretty good Iraq article and retropsective here.

The final paragraph is interesting:

Neither success nor failure is certain, but any improvement will be slow. On a toilet-wall in an American airbase in western Iraq, an American soldier has scrawled his own summary analysis: “We came, we saw, we wasted a year of our lives. At least we got the fuckers to vote.”

The whole article is pretty balanced and well worth the time to read. Got run back out for now. Its stopped raining.



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