Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sports news today.......

No post yesterday. Was busy nursing a hangover doing things around the house. Was out late Friday night celebrating St Patricks day and listening to my buddies try to convince me to join them on a trip down to the PI. I have no business going to the PI. There's only one reason I would want to go and it would be to walk up and down Fields Ave looking for the "one" (for that evening at least.....). One reason I like Hong Kong so much is that it has more to do than Wanchai............

Speaking of getting laid low, went out to play golf today with the S.O. We played nine and it started raining on #8. So after # 9 we came home and realized Korea and Japan are going at it in the WBC. We have a choice of watching the game in Japanese or English. Its definitely better in Japanese. The announcers went nuts when Japan got a homer in the 7th. Since then Korea is getting its ass kicked, 5-0- bottom of the 8th- and its raining. Make that 6-0 as Japan just smacked another home run. The S.O. is going nuts. ( She will deny that she is racist, but seeing Korea lose at anything gives her great pleasure......but if I root for the USA against Japan......well you know how that goes.) Can't wait to see the papers tomorrow.

And while we are on the subject of ass kicking, USS Cape St. George and USS Gonzalez just smoke checked some pirates off of Somalia. See here, here, and here for detailed coverage.

Was going to post a photo of the burning boat but blogger seems to be acting up again. Suffice it to say its probably not a good idea to pull an RPG against a Cruiser and DDG that has you out gunned with small caliber weapons and helicopters in the air. Enjoy your 72 virgins, scumbag!

Its been a few months since I did a Rummy rant. That means its time....Fortunately he's given me lots to talk about.............

Ja ne,


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