Friday, March 24, 2006

Still around........

Yes I am still here. Last 3 days have been busy and when the evening rolled around I was either sleepy or beery or both. Ergo, no blogging. Now its off for leg 2 of the journey, a side trip for the weekend to HKG.........

I probably should have gone back to Japan for the weekend, but I just did not want to. Once packed I might as well stay packed and I am off to hell LA and San Dog next week. I probably won't do much in the Big Lychee, just the usual. Victoria Peak, Lan Kwai Fung........Wanchai and maid's day off is somewhere on the menu I am sure. Does not matter so long as I get there. This is a me trip, of which there will be not many more if things don't go my way. Got to make the best of all of them.

Beer will be on the menu:

And who knows where that might lead? I want to be a good boy this trip though.

I'm in one of my moods so expect some wierd writing the next couple of days.

Oh and one more thing............its still time to fire Donald Rumsfeld.

Ja ne


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