Saturday, March 04, 2006

Still here, but not for long

Out of here tonight. through HKG then back to Nihon.

Work is a good antidote for malaise and while I am still troubled some, its been good to focus on work. I scheduled my self for a doctors appointment. I'm going to take a positive approach to tackling my crisis of confidence and it seems the way to start is with a comprehensive medical check up.

I hate going to see doctors. Doctors remind you that you are not invincible. Doctors are the ones who find all those things that may kill you. The remind you that despite their best efforts , in the end, you will die. Guess being older I think about that more. There is nothing I can do about it and probably there are a lot more sensible choices I should have made in my younger years.

I still hate being here in Bahrain. We went out for dinner last night at a pretty nice restaurant. Back to the hotel early and after a couple of one pint sleeping pills into bed. This may be my last trip out here depending on things. That would be OK with me.

Sky news channel has been running Gary Glitter in Vietnam story over and over again. 3 years in a Vietnamese prison is not my idea of a good time. Then it again, it would seem to me getting convicted once of being pervert would be enough.

Still got lots to think about and 20 + hours to think it. I do want to find a nice present for the S.O. Not sure why, but I want to make her happy I think.......It was like ...really nice to hear her voice on the phone again. Makes me think I've been an idiot in some ways about her.

Now that is probably saying more than I should. I'll get back to the regular drivel when I get back to Japan. No beer and babes from here...don't want to offend Islamic sensibilities. Is there such a thing? I don't think so..........


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