Monday, March 06, 2006

Women's history month........

Ever wonder why there is no such thing as men's history month? I always have. They seem to have a month for every one else. Soon there will be "Brokeback History Month" documenting how gay cowboys helped forge the shaping of America. Soon, I'll be able to see on TV how gay cowboys were critical to winning World War II. You know the rest of the drill.

However there are a few historical tidbits that never seem to make AFN during women's history month. Under the spirit of "fair and balanced reporting", I feel that it is my duty to pass a couple of these along so that the record can be made more complete and scholars will have a better bases to cover that year, 1991 when the United States Navy, after over 200 years of getting the job done, finally became an effective fighting force.

Tidbit- We never found out whether Paula Coughlin had to repay her bonus:

NORFOLK, Va.--The woman who blew the whistle on the Tailhook sex scandal is resigning, the Navy said Thursday. No reason for Lt. Paula Coughlin's resignation was given, but CBS and NBC reported she was quitting because of continued harassment over Tailhook. "I don't know the reasons," said Lt. Susan Haeg, a spokesperson for the Navy's Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, where Ms. Coughlin is assigned to a helicopter combat support unit. NBC News and CBS News, which obtained copies of her letter of resignation, said Ms. Coughlin cited her Tailhook assault and continuing abuse since she made it public as the reasons for leaving.

There has never been any word as to whether the famous former resident of Portsmouth Virginia ever had to repay the retention bonus of $60,750. Obligated for 6 years she resigned after serving only 2. We will never know. Interestingly, it is like Paula Couglin has dropped off the face of the earth. Collecting her reported 5.6 million dollars in damage settlements. I tried to do a Google search on her now and came up empty. Its truly suprising.......then again maybe not. After all in the light of history her story never held up.

Enquiring minds want to know.........


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