Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another day......another kick in the ass

Today was an up and down kind of day. Got some sort of good news or depending on how things turn out it could be bad news. Either way change is coming for poor little Skippy-san. Your humble scribe has known its coming, but I've been hoping for the best. And the news I received today could or could not be the best depending........

Out of here to go away for the weekend. Back to Hongkie town. Yes that's right. Something to do and it preserves options down the pike since this particular opportunity is only offered once a year.

"Why not do it in Tokyo.........?"

Where is the fun in that? This gives me an excuse to get away. Although when I signed up, I forgot to check the fleet schedule before picking a location, so 5000+ unwanted guests will be in the city this weekend........something I normally try to avoid like the plague. I signed up before I checked, then realized I was screwed because now I was committed to this test location. Piss poor pre-flight planning if you ask me. However at the time I did not realize I would get to Hong Kong before then..........

I think this means I'll have to avoid the Wanchai Vortex which is a shame because I like Wanchai. However I like it on my terms, and with the group I think will be there, it definitely will not be on my terms. So after the exam, it will be off to explore some out of the way part of HK Island, or the New Territories. Sunday I might even go to Macau. I will definitely be keeping a low profile. Hong Kong is a big city, right? There has to be a place for me to hole up, drink beer, and watch the Chuppies..........Wish I had a visa to go to ShenShen..........

When I get back, I'm going to have some things to do I expect. and the next couple of months are going to get very busy. However God willing, my asia travel program will pick up and I should get some time to explore around Japan this summer. Film at 11 on both items.

The voice of Obi Wan talks to Skippy on the MTR..........:

Keep your head on the swivel and check six!

Who knows, I may actually find the Christian Science reading room this trip!

"Once more into the breach!!"


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