Monday, April 03, 2006

Back and busy!

Meant to post something serious tonight, but events and tiredness overcame me. So that will have to wait till the AM. ( After I work out, so no guarantees......).

This last weekend was the Rugby Sevens, where I wish I had been. Madame Chiang, Expat at Large, and Shaky Kaiser provide comprehensive coverage. I've been dying to get there during a Sevens since I first heard about 3 years ago, but work, or money (lack thereof) has prohibited. This year is no different since I have to go away this next weekend.

Never heard of the Sevens you say? Hemlock provides this slightly biased explanation:

That curious migration each Spring, when every Anglo-Saxon expatriate east of Suez feels compelled to come to Hong Kong and cram himself into a stadium along with thousands of others, all wearing rugby shirts, to drink and watch oafish Fijians run up and down a field. I tell him how I used to get free tickets and left them face up and peed upon in Lan Kwai Fong bar urinals to see how long it would take before some desperate victim of Sevens mania retrieved them. Twenty minutes, maximum. He stares at me in disbelief. "I don't go"? "No, never" , I tell him. Odell joins in.

Yea, well this is the same guy who looks down on those of men (like me) who like to chase housemaids in Wanchai on Sunday evenings, hoping to offer them a bit of love and respite from their weekly drudgery ( Even if it requries a charitable donation.....). To each his own.

It looks like it would be a lot of fun. Madame Chiang even prescribes the Sevens diet:

one cup of tea
one bottle of Perrier
2 bottles of wine
2 glasses of Pimms
1 KFC Waffle Fry
1 mouthful of quiche

That's per day. You are welcome to vary it ( I think I would subsist on Carlsbergs myself) and your mileage may vary.

Its just a right of spring, no different than throwing out the first ball in a Cubs game..........which George W. Bush will do today. Cubs vs Reds. Maybe this will be the year my Cubbies win! And maybe we'll be out of Iraq by Christmas..........both events are quite unlikely.

Speaking of Iraq, I'll close with 2 serious articles that you should take a look at over at the Duck's place. One is about immigration and what the debate is really about, e.g. Avoiding the road to Dubai, and Thomas Friedman's analysis that things in Iraq may be even more worrisome than we are being told. Agree or not, they make for interesting reading.

Fun's fun, but I'm done. More tomorrow!


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