Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stuck with a dial up and other frustration.

No babes this week, my wireless card does not seem to be working here for some reason. Sorry Mark! Wait till I get home. ( I could have used one last night!).

Other musings / complaints.

Why is it when I heard on TV that a Congressperson had been accused of assault, when I heard who it was, I was not suprised? And why is it she is blaming it all on the fact that she is black? "Madam, I don't begrudge your race. I do begrudge you being stupid."

LAX blows! Check in is unsat, security is just a pain in the ass and God help you if you are late for your line. I wanted to walk through the United checkin area with my Louisville slugger and knock a few heads together. It could be fixed very simply in many ways.........and get a 1K line for pete's sake.

How come there is no decent train system here? The metro area is the same size as Tokyo's, but getting around is just a pain in the ass. Even today on a Saturday morning it took me an 1+45 to get down here from Ventura. I know Californians love their cars, but..............

Smoking cigars at a party is almost never a good idea.

Speaking of parties, still haven't figured out a way to tell people who don't know that I am divorced and my kids live with the ex. Ran into a couple I had not seen in 8 years at this party for the Great American I talked about. Guys wife was well meaning when she asked about my wife and kids. Had to explain that I moved on in life leaving her and them behind. I tried to make it light and friendly, but its still awkward. Her: "How's XXXXX?" Me: " I have no idea, we got divorced 7 years ago, however she still cashes the alimony checks on time."

When riding with a friend and he does not want to leave the party makes for some interesting silences..........

Houses in Thousand Oaks are nice.....and expensive.

And what's with the rain this week!

Gotta board the plane........Nihon awaits!


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