Friday, May 26, 2006

Now its time to say goodbye to Nevada.

Been a busy couple of days. Up/down count was -200 but I made back 180 last night so the net coounts is down $85.00. Guess that officially makes me a loser.

I'm having a hard time making sense of the Congressional catfight between George Bush and the Congress of the raid on Rep Jefferson's files. Seems to me they had a search warrant and Congressional offices are not soverign territory. Anybody who wants to explain it me, please do.

One thing about being in Nevada, you get plenty of time on the road. Listened to an interesting story on NPR about the truck drivers who work for KBR in Iraq. Seems KBR does not want to spend the money to armor up the trucks these guys drive. As of the time of publication 63 guys had died while driving in convoys, 23 of the Americans, the rest were third country nationals. What was particularly galling to me was the way the company had reacted when the drivers tried to get the compamy to take action about providing armor. "500 guys are lined up to take yoour spot. So if you are afraid then go home........". The guys had a new meaning for the intials KBR. Kill em, bag em , replace em. The use of corporations in the Iraq theater is probably something that bears further exploration at some point.

Any way back to Nihon tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about going back, but its probably best if I leave here. Too many bad memories mixed with the good ones. I sure hope I get back here some day.........


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